1. Repetition Hymns
    Black Swan

  2. Glazed Vision
    Christina Giannone

  3. Keep The Orange Sun
    awakened souls & From Overseas

  4. Fragments + Distancing
    James Bernard

  5. Vanaprastha (The Man Who Went Into The Woods To Find Himself)
    Alex Smalley

  6. Wave Variations

  7. beliefsystems
    zakè and Isaac Helsen

  8. Canticles of B-Sides
    Wayne Robert Thomas

  9. Canticles of Bliss
    Wayne Robert Thomas

  10. Unfailing Love
    zakè & marine eyes

  11. Anon 2
    Benoît Pioulard & From Overseas

  12. Love Me Tender
    Ai Yamamoto

  13. Holographic Prism

  14. The Other Side of Darkness
    36 & awakened souls

  15. Process
    Tobias Karlehag

  16. Being Below

  17. Woo'd Early
    Free Dust

  18. Contact
    Pepo Galán & Sita Ostheimer

  19. Clouds And Waves

  20. Pathways

  21. Orchestral Studies Collectanea

  22. Six Postcards & Other Stories
    Carlos Ferreira

  23. Seamless
    Endless Melancholy

  24. Geneva

  25. Ruptures

  26. Nature Morte

  27. Europa

  28. All We Have

  29. Chronos

  30. Melatonia

  31. A Pulse of Durations
    Tapes and Topographies

  32. Invincible Summer
    Jörgen Kjellgren

  33. Alpha
    Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea

  34. The Dashboard Cast a Spectral Glow
    r beny

  35. As Above, So Below
    Polar Moon

  36. Anon 1
    36 & Isaac Helsen

  37. Residence on Earth
    The Green Kingdom

  38. Healing Sounds II: A Compilation For Those In Need
    Various Artists

  39. A Thousand Harmonies in Silence

  40. Home
    From Overseas

  41. [Overtures]
    Marc Ertel

  42. Long Formations +4

  43. The Disappearing Collective Vol. I
    Slow Dancing Society

  44. Just For You
    T.R. Jordan

  45. Recollections Suite
    T.R. Jordan

  46. Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel
    36 & zakè

  47. To Those Who Dwelt in a Land of Deep Darkness
    zakè & Wayne Robert Thomas

  48. Rushing
    Lucy Gooch

  49. Redemption
    Christina Giannone

  50. Fieldwaves
    Low Howl

  51. Outside the Dream World

  52. In Four Parts
    36 & Black Swan

  53. May / Atra
    Benoît Pioulard

  54. Hidden Amongst the Trees and Foothills
    Black Brunswicker

  55. RÁS
    Wayne Robert Thomas & Isaac Helsen

  56. Parallel Inflection

  57. The Lower Lights

  58. Beneath The Lower Lights

  59. Orchestral Tape Studies
    zakè (扎克)

  60. Orchestral Tape Studies [Tyresta Reworks]
    zakè (扎克) & Tyresta

  61. The Best Driving Music in the World Ever
    Sean Curtis Patrick

  62. Healing Sounds I: A Compilation For Hurricane Recovery
    Various Artists

  63. Wind Colors
    Gallery Six

  64. Intimacy
    Ludvig Cimbrelius

  65. Liminal
    Jordan Christoff

  66. The Last of Our Time Together

  67. Fallen Moon

  68. Remnants Series Vol. I-VIII
    Isaac Helsen

  69. For Tired Souls
    Matthew Prokop

  70. Pattern

  71. Morvan

  72. Low Priest

  73. 扎克

  74. Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea
    Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea

  75. Remnants Vol. VIII
    Isaac Helsen

  76. Remnants Vol. VII
    Isaac Helsen

  77. Remnants Vol. VI
    Isaac Helsen

  78. Remnants Vol. V
    Isaac Helsen

  79. Remnants Vol. IV
    Isaac Helsen

  80. Remnants Vol. III
    Isaac Helsen

  81. Remnants Vol. II
    Isaac Helsen

  82. Remnants Vol. I
    Isaac Helsen

  83. Songs of an Empty Room
    Maryam Sirvan

  84. False Awakening

  85. Fantosmes
    Slow Dancing Society

  86. My Blue Heaven
    Slow Dancing Society

  87. The Sound of Lights When Dim
    Slow Dancing Society

  88. The Torchlight Parade Vol. I & II
    Slow Dancing Society

  89. Moments We Spent Together | Marigold Fields
    Endless Melancholy

  90. Sunlight of Oneness | Very Amazing Now
    Phillip Wilkerson

  91. Streaking Light | The Lowest Tide

  92. Bloom | Fold
    Hotel Neon

  93. Seven Fixed Dreams | Seven Ghost Years

  94. Distant | Spirals

  95. Empty of What
    Before Flags

  96. In Him, I Saw Me | We're Here. We Will Die

  97. A Burning Down I & II

  98. Vocalism | Regeneration
    Ian Hawgood

  99. Reminder | Lucent

  100. Heather | Ebb
    Jack Hyde

  101. Under the Morning Mist | In This Perfect Dream
    Gallery Six

  102. Celestial Bodies

  103. Perfect Hour | Sheridan
    Forest Management

  104. It's Al-- It's Already Too Late


Past Inside the Present Indianapolis, Indiana

Past Inside the Present (PITP) is an American ambient label with a focus on offering up some of the very best ambient, drone, soundscape, and minimal music by passionate artists from across the globe.

Distribution through A Thousand Arms (US), Juno Records (UK), Tobira Records (JP), Linus Records (JP), HHV (DE), BLEEP (UK), Phonica Records (UK), Boomkat (UK), and others.
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